Delivering care to people is a demanding and time-consuming responsibility. Service user data, reporting, managing staff and countless other administrative tasks must be managed accurately and securely. However, this can be challenging in busy working environments. By replacing cumbersome files and databases with a single, easy-to-use system, Enlite Care empowers you to deliver the highest quality of care to every service user, every day.

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Making Care More Manageable

Enlite Care ensures that anyone who delivers care can complete key tasks, easily and efficiently. By minimising time spent on routine responsibilities, Enlite Care lets caregivers focus on their most important challenges.

Benefits and features


Enlite Care makes it simple for individual caregivers to manage all their everyday reporting, planning and record-keeping. Whatever the task, documentation can be completed using a computer, tablet or even a phone and then submitted to a secure server.
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Ensuring that care is delivered to the highest possible standards is an important and challenging responsibility. Enlite Care gives managers a range of tools that enhance the quality of care they can deliver.
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Care establishments are responsible for handling highly sensitive personal data. Enlite Care has ISO27001 certification, meaning it operates to the leading international standards for information security.
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Integrating Enlite Care into your Organisation in 5 easy steps


Step 1

Looking into your care vision and organisation

We  will meet and  identify your needs, what system you already have in place, what system you want to keep, what system you want to integrate in Enlite Care.

Step 2

Planning your implementation

We will meet with your stake holder and decision-maker, and plan your deployment to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 3

Step by step process

We will deploy a basic version of the system covering your basic needs and train your staff to do their everyday duty.

Step 4

On going implementation

We will turn on features, at rate that suits your needs, following your plan and your availability.

Step 5

Guarantee of result

We will review progress at regular intervals to adapt your deployment to your needs and organisational changes.

Frequently asked questions

The system has been designed to be fully flexible and customisable. This means you can adapt it to incorporate any information or procedures that are unique to your care establishment.

Each individual is assessed for support need, wishes and goals. This can take the form of Office documents or use our built-in workflow system. From these assessments, staff can create care plans, support plans. This can come from general document template or Person specific documents or workflows. The  planning system and its content can be tailored by staff to each individual specific need.

Enlite Care has ISO 27001 certification which means it meets the world’s most stringent information technology security standards. Data is housed in secure nationally-based data centres and staff access to data can be strictly controlled. All actions and modifications are fully traceable.

Yes, the system offers the same level of flexibility as a standard hotel booking system – even if you manage many different locations.

Enlite Care has been designed to work with standard information management platforms. This means your current and historical data can be seamlessly and securely migrated to the new system.

The system is designed to offer a streamlined user experience and be intuitive for even the most nontechnical person. If someone is already comfortable using his or her smartphone, they will find the system very straightforward to use.

There’s no problem if you receive an information request as Enlite Care can trace, collate and aggregate information easily.

Our case management system covers all type of referrals. From empowering multidisciplinary clinician teams to service not met requirement. It includes case load management, clinician notes, documentation, clinician sessions, calendars, staff time spent per case, appointment scheduling…

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Crucially, Enlite Care enables person-centred planning. Each service user’s needs, wishes and goals can be assessed after which a tailored care plan is created using Enlite Care templates.

Enlite Care also seamlessly integrates with standard applications and services such as Microsoft Office which will help to reduce or even eliminate duplication of work within organisations. Working via the web, users don’t require any deep technical expertise. Instead, they can access all its tools from anywhere, using an internet-connected device.

Ensuring a seamless transition

Online or in-house training is available to ensure each user is completely comfortable using Enlite Care. The system also enables all documents to be fully customised so they match a care establishment’s specific requirements.

Ensure key tasks are completed
Like paper-based systems, Enlite Care instructs users to record adverse events (for example, falls) by following a strict set of questions, descriptions and actions. These can be tailored according to your own procedures and every step and revision is fully traceable. Other important features include:

  • Automatic generation of HIQA forms
  • Reassignment of tasks if actions are not taken

Keep daily notes
Maintain a record of any small issues, activities or other noteworthy facts relating to a specific service user. These notes can be linked to any other part of the system, linking all activities of the persons life, and found by, Enlite Care’s other functions crucial for staff change over in 24 hour care.

Set individual goals
Specific targets and objectives can be set for a service user and then tracked. Setting and monitoring measurable goals in relation to areas such as work and relationships can help service users maximise their abilities.

Manage documents
Every individual document relating to a service user (including Word documents, PDFs and Excel files), can be easily filed, accessed and worked on by anyone with the necessary permissions. Documents can also be easily searched and those that share data can be linked.

Plan respite bookings

If required, a respite planning function is available. Similar to a hotel booking system, this enables respite managers to take bookings for respite care, and manage these across multiple locations.

Store all standard information
All standard information relating to a service user (including medications, contact lists, medical notes, and employment records) can be stored in a fully customisable standard table.

Manage clinical case information efficiently
Enlite Care’s comprehensive multi disciplinary clinical case management system incorporates all essential information. This includes clinician notes and documentation (from multidisciplinary teams, if necessary), clinician sessions, calendars, staff time spent on the case, appointment scheduling etc.

At-a-glance dashboard
Enlite Care’s dashboard shows users all the events, notifications etc that are relevant to them, on a single screen. Unresolved tasks (such as forms that need to be signed and overdue reviews) can be clearly seen and acted on.

Delegate tasks
It is vital that service users never experience any breaks or inconsistencies in care when their carers take time off. So before they leave, the staff member or their manager can use Enlite Care to delegate tasks to specific colleagues.

Manage and limit user access
Because of the sensitivity of the data held by Enlite Care, management can specify exactly who has access to information and when this is available to them. These restrictions can be changed easily, if greater or less access is needed by specific individuals.

Generate accurate reports
As every care establishment must be able to generate accurate reports, Enlite Care offers two report options: User-Generated Reports and Customised Reports

  • User-Generated Reports enable staff members to create their own reports that follow standard templates, using data held by Enlite Care which they have permission to use.
  • Customised Reports are fully-bespoke reports that can be tailored by the organisation to its exact needs and formatting specifications.

Manage staff effectively
Managing staff effectively is one of the most crucial aspects of providing high-quality care. Flexible enough to work in tandem with existing software packages, Enlite Care lets management create and assign roles to individual employees and later amend these if required.
Historical information regarding specific staff roles can also be retained for future reference.

Enlite Care enables different notification types to be easily dispatched. These range from notices about serious adverse events such as accidents to more routine items like reminders.

Manage Freedom of Information and GDPR requests
Complying with Freedom of Information (FOI) and GDRP requests demands a lot of work since all relevant information must be located and sensitive details redacted. Enlite Care can trace all data relating to a service user and organise it into a single area in which all items are trackable and easily downloadable. 

Care establishments are responsible for handling highly sensitive personal data. Enlite Care has ISO27001 certification, meaning it operates to the leading international standards for information security:

  • Enlite Care’s world-class security features are constantly monitored, tested by third party specialists and updated.
  • All data is held in a secure data centre located in the care establishment’s own country.
  • Enlite Care is built on technologies which allow tight control and easy access by permissioned users from any device, anywhere.
  • Every modification of data is recorded and can be fully tracked. While all time-related records are safeguarded to prevent falsifications, the system is flexible enough to correct errors.

Controlling staff access to data
Staff access is strictly controlled and only granted on a need-to-see basis. Management has full control over these permissions and can reallocate them as staff change roles.

The system also offers complete flexibility; in practice, this means staff members with identical roles can be granted access to different levels and types of data, if necessary.